Iberian accord feeded pork prosciutto  19,5€

Assortment of Iberian prosciutto, Iberian cured loin and “Idiazabal” cheese      16€

Scorpion fish pudding   7,5€

Heart lettuce salad with garlic sprouts and prawns         9€

Bilbaina style fresh or battered anchovy              7,5€

White spargels from Tolosa        9€

Roaster Red “Piquillo” peppers                6,5€

Baby squids with onions sautéed in olive oil       9,5€

Elver like baby squids 9,5€

Baby squids stewed in their ink sauce   11€

Fish soup            9€

Battered hake “Kokotxas” (cheeks)       25€

Grilled gooser liver         19€

White beans with clams               9€

Red beans from Tolosa stew     8,5€

Lekeito Salad (lettuce, chicory, tomato, tuna belly, anchovies, langostines)       8€

Mixed boiled vegetables             10€

Artichokes with clams in green sauce    10,5€

Cod omelette   9€

French frites portion     4,5€